Gentle Breeze EP

by Boyish and Daisyblue

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The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart、Dream Diary、Pastel Blue等、昨今のドリーム・ポップ勢を思わせるローファイ・ネオアコ・ポップのBoyish。
線の細いスイートなボーカルと16ビートのドラム、きらきらしたギターが往年のThe Stone Rosesに通じるDaisyblue。

Boyishからのコメント 「Daisyblueとは実際にも面識があるんですが、やさしいナイス・ガイです。Soundcloudで彼の「Summery Film」を聴いて、一緒に何かやりたいと思いました」
Daisyblueからのコメント 「Boyishの音楽には8ミリフィルムで映したような懐かしさと切なさ(と白昼夢みたいな暖かさ)を感じます。今回声をかけて頂いて本当に光栄でした。あの夏できっと会いましょう」

This split EP contains tracks from the Japanese indie pop bands Boyish and Daisyblue.
Boyish plays lo-fi twee pop similar to The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Dream Diary, and Pastel Blue.
Daisyblue's music is reminiscent of the Stone Roses, with its delicate sweet vocals, 16-beat drums, and shimmery guitars.
Their music will always be waiting to be heard by you in your past summer days.

Comments from Boyish: "Me and Daisyblue are friends offline, too, and he's such a nice guy. I've wanted do something together with him since I heard 'Summery Film' on his Soundcloud account"
Comments from Daisyblue: "Boyish's music makes me feel nostalgia, longing, and a daydream-like warmth, just like an 8mm film movie. It was a great honor for me to be invited from him to make this EP. We shall meet in 'that special summer'"


Released 02/04/2012


released April 2, 2012




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